Another child in a Million, another vaccine?

If you are researching about vaccines one comment you will often hear is that the the risk from a vaccine is “one in a million”. Its never explained how the reach this figure and how its the same for all vaccines. When Vera Duffy got in touch with the chief medical officer in Dublin an asked him about the risks from the DPT vaccine she was told it was one in a Million, when she told the medical officer her son Alan was the “ONE” she was told it was “impossible” and accused of deceit in getting access to the man.  If its your only child that is injured, statistically its  its 100%, what is it they say about statistics; Lies, damned lies and statistics!11139957_10152976282126262_3930686921006781131_n

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About Richard

Richard Lanigan 57 is the parent of four children, he was awarded a Masters in Health Promotion at Brunell University in 2004 he has practiced chiropractic at his practice Spinal Joint in Kingston Upon Thames since 1996 providing care for thousands of children

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  1. vera duffy says:

    hello Richard Elanor and myself got to VAXXEDshown in the TIVOLI under the cover of total secrecy they name me as guest speaker i said yes you should be able to get it on my facebook you will see Dr Susanne Humpres and Polly let it run i will appear spoke for ah while hated it to think this country are still lying after all this time i have been very sick still trying to get my strenth back i shuffle around maby two hours and i am done any advice on that something for energy my left side is much weaker Vera XXX

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