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Richard Lanigan 57 is the parent of four children, he was awarded a Masters in Health Promotion at Brunell University in 2004 he has practiced chiropractic at his own private practice Spinal Joint in Kingston Upon Thames since 1996 providing care for thousands of children

I was born on the 21st of March 1957 in London. My father Peter was a bricklayer my mother Phyllis a nurse and left wing political activist. I am the  father of, Molly and Isabelle (2003) and Eloise (2006). Then there is Frederik (1986)who some would describe as a “step son”, to me he is my first child and now my best friend. Janette is my partner and mother of the girls.

My divorced parents sent me to two of the best boarding schools in Ireland in the 60s and 70s, this is an environment where2014 you have to learn to deal with adversity and sleep in a dormitory with a hundred other children getting exposed to all sorts of bacteria and viruses.   I trained as a PE teacher in the late 70s, spent the 80s  in Copenhagen where I worked with elite athletes and was seen as the pioneer of the exercise boom that erupted in Denmark in 1982 at Sweat Shop. I returned to the UK in 1991 to study chiropractic. In 2011 I was diagnosed with Colon cancer and have had orthodox treatment and many unorthodox ones which I blog about at www.rectalcancer .me

Why do I think I am an expert on the subject of Vaccination? I dont! Then again I have met many claiming to be “experts” talking absolute rubbish about childhood infections, when the only thing the had going for them was the nice suit and tie. In 2007 the Chiropractic profession elected me to sit on their regulatory body The General Chiropractic Council (GCC); I was thrown off after 9 months for asking too many questions and going public about the misinformation been given. The GCC has spent almost £200,000 pounds in legal fees trying to get my blog Chiropractic live close down. So fair to say my “expertise” is in asking good questions and pissing off  establishment figures who refuse to give honest answers.

This site is dedicated to a “boy in a million” Alan Duffy  ; then again he may be a boy in ten million or a boy in 100,000. Alan was severely brain damaged by the DPT vaccine in 1973 and died 22 years later. Parents intending to vaccinate their children are given next to no information on the potential life changing risks from vaccines and even though governments no longer maintain the line that vaccines are without risk, they refuse to publish information as to what that risk actually is. I support Alan Duffy’s mum Vera and her efforts to set up an Ombudsman Service in the UK and Ireland, that is independent from the Department of Health and pharmaceutical industry; to monitor vaccination programmers and maintain notes on children s response to vaccines and be provided with the funds (a tax levied on each vaccine used) to compensate children that are injured by vaccines. It is only right, when even now  governments  believe the risk of a “one in a million” is worth vaccinating the vast majority of children. If its your your only child its not one in a million its 100%.


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