Mandatory Vaccination! Propaganda, peddled by hacks who won’t speak to “antivaxxers”?

Government Minister John Gummer trying to demonstrate to the public that British beef was safe to eat in 1990

Secretary of State for Health; Matt Hancock told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “We need to consider all options. Failure to vaccinate when there isn’t a good reason is wrong. Those people who campaign against vaccination are campaigning against science, and he would not rule out the option of compulsory vaccinations. In an interview in ”The  Times” he went further stating “Those who have promoted the anti-vaccination myth are morally reprehensible, deeply irresponsible and have blood on their hands. Wow!

The challenge for Hancock now, is to avoid becoming as infamous as John Gummer in 1990 for trying to demonstrate the safety of British beef.  Gummer fed his own daughter a beef burger on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer and ended up looking rather foolish for not understanding the difference between “science” and PR presented by the Beef industry. After taking “advice from leading scientific and medical experts”, Gummer stated that “beef could be eaten safely by everyone, adults, children, including patients in hospital”; At least 32 people died from CJD and thousands of others would have had neurological damage from contaminated British beef.

The subject of vaccination has interested me for many years, it seemed such a sensible thing to do, why would anybody not vaccinate their children? I started to investigate vaccines in the mid 90s.  What I found surprised me, as I picked at a very thin layer of veneer over a cost effective method of reducing childhood infections. A “health” service does not need so many doctors and nurses if less childre are ill and if a few children are seriously injured by a vaccine in the UK and can prove it, throw them a bone of £120,000. The child must be 60% disabled and if the child dies before the age of two no need to pay anything under the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme.  One is reminded of China where a driver can be responsible for the medical bills of a pedestrian they injure for years its cost effective if the pedestrian dies at the scene.

When the internet started, I registered the “Vaccination” domain to share the information I had found, nothing to do with a “campaigns” or a “movement”. When you are in such a minority, its asking for trouble to go out pushing controversial ideas on 90% of the public who will probably react negatively to being told you think they made a mistake in having their children vaccinated. Why would I care what other parents decide its a choice and if they believe in the efficacy of vaccines they are protected from unvaccinated children, who are more likely to contract these infections. The information I gathered helped inform our decision not to vaccinate the children in 2003. Then in 2004, I put all the information I had gathered into my Master’s dissertation for Health Promotion at Brunell University; “Informed Consent and the DTaP Vaccine”. Bearing in mind vaccination programmes are the coin of the realm of Heath Promotion, questioning them was going to be a challenge ( I had to present both sides of the argument and use credible references), a challenge I relished and was successful in. We got some grief from health workers after the children were born, but they soon realised they had more to learn from me than they had to teach me and I am still friends with one of them.

I did not take much interest in the subject again until 2006, my girls had  bad coughs and reading about it I came across an article that had just been published in the British Medical Journal stating “whooping cough” was common and should be suspected in children with any type of cough over two weeks duration, even if they are fully “immunised”. The pertussis portion of the vaccine has never been very effective, In the study 85.9% of children presenting with whooping cough were fully vaccinated.

The next time I got involved was June 2016 when it was suggested my daughters should have the HPV vaccine.  Of all the vaccines I have ever looked into to, HPV was the one that there was not a consensus, within the medical profession that the benefits outweighed the risks, unsurprisingly we said no. It was interesting the feedback from the girls (now 12) being told by their friends they “would get cancer”, a result of government “propaganda” because if the vaccine does reduce risks of cervical cancer we won’t know for years, in the meantime practice safe sex.

Then last year a journalist who had read the posts on this site asked to do an interview. The interest this interview generated in TV and radio surprised me, it was as if we had done something wrong with our children. The fact our daughters were now healthy teenagers, which one would have thought was the object of any public health intervention was lost on people, all they were focusing on was why we had not followed the crowd and given out children medicines they had not needed.  To have done as the presenters of “Good Morning Britain” would have liked, could have resulted in us having to make a claim to the “Vaccine Damage Payment” scheme an inconvenient truth in the entire vaccine programme.

Being called a “nutter” for not following the crowd is not something, I am unaccustomed to. I was a redhead from North London living with my granny in Ireland after my parents divorced in 1962. I saw my mother arrested at the Grosvenor square riot against the war in Viet Nam in 1968, I was 11. Many anti Apartheid demonstrations followed and the civil rights movement in N Ireland. She was arrested in the House of Commons, in 1972 the day after “Bloody Sunday” for calling The Home Secretary a “Murdering Tory Bastard”. She moved back to Ireland in 1976 was spat at and abused on street campaigning for a women’s right to choose, during the first abortion referendum in 1983. She chained herself to the gates of the Irish Dail to promote the divorce referendum in 1988. I was one of the people marching against the war in Iraq in 2003 and many others. My own children continue the tradition and have recently been striking against politicians ignoring climate change. After my mother died in in 1990 Irish folk singer Christy Moore dedicated his song “Yellow Triangle” ( having the courage to speak out) to her memory.  RTE television made a documentary about her life because she was never afraid to speak out against injustice and always did

From a public health perspective, there is no doubt vaccines reduce the incidence of infection in a community, how that vaccine will affect the well being of each individual child in that community is not known and there lies the problem for parents. Over the years I have met many people who have been seriously injured by vaccines, parents of children who had died, children who had got the disease despite the vaccine and people who believed their children’s immune system was compromised by vaccines. These are what the medical establishment would call anecdotes, whose experience is not reflected by the science and before social media the public would hear little from these individuals, or the experience they had with vaccines. Occasionally if there was controversy parents would be given air time, only to be patronised by some pharmaceutical academic about their lack of understanding of the scientific methodology. Worst of all, many of these vaccine damaged children were ignored by governments for the sacrifice they had made for a flawed public health initiative.

When a child is brain damaged by a vaccine that mother is not out “creating awareness”, that her teenage son is still wearing nappies after his infant vaccines. One of the most compelling case I came across was that of Vera Duffy’s son Alen who died on New Years day 1995. He had been vaccinated with the DPT vaccine in 1973 had a reaction to the first vaccine, was given a second and went into a vegetative state. If you have a black eye after being punched. you don’t need a “scientist” to prove what caused the black eye. Vera got to met the Irish Chief Medical Officer once, pretending to be a mother concerned about the safety of vaccines. He assured her the chances of a serious brain injury from a vaccine were “one in a million”. when Vera told him Alen was the one, he accused her of tricking him and said it was “impossible”?

Then 1998 Andrew Wakefield suggested there could be problems with the Jerry Lynn MMR vaccine, the replacement MMR, for the Urabe MMR which had to be withdrawn in 1992 because it was unsafe. Wakefield had examined 13 autistic children with digestive problems (he was a gastroenterologist). In the medical history, parents had all reported regression soon after receiving their MMR vaccine and traces of measles virus was found in the intestine of the children. Four colleagues supported these findings and they published a paper, calling for further research. With the history the troubled MMR vaccine had, at the press conference it was Wakefield who suggested that The Precautionary Principle should be followed and the vaccine withdrawn until further studies were done and replaced with a single measles vaccine. Anyone with an inkling of research knowledge would know 13 subjects does not demonstrate ‘causation”. Unfortunately most journalists, being scientifically illiterate, got very excited and their headlines read “MMR causes Autism”. Another Sadam Husein was created and rather than take responsibility for their sensationalist reporting, Journalists went after Wakefield and over time, any other heretics who had the temerity to question vaccines. We were given the euphemism “antivaxxers”, also known as parents and were presented as a threat to the well being of children.

On the face of it vaccination programmes have been very successful, most children are vaccinated without major problems and what were once considered “normal childhood infections” are rarely seen in the developed world.  The main reasons children visit their doctors now, are for chronic disorders, asthma, type two diabetes, auto immune disorders, conditioned managed with products provided by the pharmaceutic industry. Proponents of vaccine programmes are more than happy to take credit for the disappearance in infectious diseases, but not so happy at the suggestion that the rise in autoimmune disorders in children could be linked to the massive increase in medicines and vaccines given to children today. The human immune system has evolved by getting infections    I believe efforts to sanitise children and keep them free of bacteria and virus is having a detrimental effect on health in the long term. One example a study by Bodner, Anderson, Reid and Godden (2000) reported that children who contracted measles were significantly less likely to go on and develop asthma as adults, a disease that was extremely rare thirty years ago and now kills 2,000 people per year in the UK.

Listening to the Immunisation “debate”  in Parliament (May 2 1919) it occurred to me its not a debate or as some would suggest a sort of “conspiracy”. Every single politician from all parties spoke in favor of vaccination and 90% of the population give it to their children because it reduces the likelihood of them getting an infection. Proponents of vaccinations are speaking from a public health perspective and looking at vaccinated children as one homogenous group, that have benefited by the reduction in infectious diseases which killed many people in years past and still do in poor developing countries, where children are malnourished and may not have access to clean water.

Parents, on the other hand, are not looking at this from a public health perspective, their concern is 100% their own children and potential risks. One small group of parents are concerned about the risks from vaccines and some in the other group are concerned about risks from unvaccinated children. Why vaccinated children should be at risk from unvaccinated children is one of the many oxymorons one encounters in this controversy. Many of these discussions are taking place on social media and as more people refuse vaccines the view of mainstream media is that socialmedia and it has paved the way for a new era of “anti vaxxing”, but not for the reasons being reported; ‘ignorance”, “stupid”, a belief in “conspiracy theories”. In my opinion, the reason for increased vaccine hesitancy is a growth in knowledge of, what makes children healthy and the obvious overt propaganda surrounding vaccines from an industry happy to present PR as science and not explain what “safe” really means. These parents have heard “safe” before in relation to nuclear tests or smoking, or Thalidomide, or Vioxx, or blood contamination, or asbestos, or diesel omissions or Monsanto’s Herbicide Roundup

The Vietnam Memorial lists the names of more than 58,000 Americans who died in the Vietnam. However, the wall does not document the names of an estimated 2.8 million U.S. vets who were exposed to another Monsanto herbicide; “Agent Orange” after the U.S. sprayed more than 20 million gallons of the stuff over Vietnam during the war. For years the US government covered up the effects it had not only on the Vietnamese peoples health, but its own soldiers.  

Do a Google search and page after page tells you to vaccinate, most health professions, journalists and politicians promote it, apparently, the science is incontrovertible; humans should give their children this relatively new intervention in human evolution.  Yet this is the first generation of children that has lower life expectancy than their parents  The meaning of health has evolved over time. Early definitions of health focused on the body’s ability to function normally which could be disrupted from time to time by disease and in that context preventing infections with vaccinations makes perfect sense in the biomedical model. However in 1948, in a radical departure from previous definitions, the World Health Organization (WHO) proposed a definition that aimed higher: linking health to well-being, in terms of “physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.

Air pollution in London; The silent killer

Heath is achieved when the cells in our body are able to adapt to stressors and maintain “homeostasis”. Reduced oxygen is the stressor our brains have most difficulty coping with, so cleanair should be a priority for health It is estimated that air pollution kills 64,000 people in the UK each year but it gets nothing like the coverage measles is getting. In 2018 there were 966 reported cases ( probably many more unreported cases) of measles in UK , no one died or was seriously harmed, yet measles is all over the mainstream media. If measles is more dangerous than air pollution, then they need to explain why during a Measles epidemic in 1959 (41.000 cases) the British Medical Journal was calling it a mild infection with no deaths with very few complications.

The second most important factor to life is water, you could only survive a few days without it and it has to be clean. it is ironic how pharmaceutical industries are providing all these potions for chronic illness, while at the same time polluting fresh water all over the world. Third is food you can live around 60 days without food, which is now produced for a long shelf life and profits rather than nutritional value. A BBC series “Back in Time for Dinner” illustrates this so well and how in 1982 Margaret Thatchers government removed the statutory requirement for nutritional standards on school meals to save money and its poor less well educated people that have been damaged the most  . Thatcher also allowed schools to sell playing fields to raise money  which affected the physical wellbeing of children and relationships and family life which impacts the most on mental well being.

When health starts to break down because of interference to the above factors, one starts looking at possible interventions. Before consenting to any intervention one should access the risks against the benefits. In the UK healthy babies are presented with interventions after only 8 weeks, a six in one vaccine. In the UK there is zero risk of being infected with Polio, Diptheria, Hepatitis B. Tetanus could be given if a cut warranted it, most people carry HIB bacterium and its immuno suppressed people that are vulnerable. That leaves whooping cough which is very common but as I stated above pertussis portion of the vaccine has never been very effective, and these type of negative studies are no longer being published.

Mans negative impact on nature is well documented. A 2019 UN report paints a picture of a planet in which the human footprint is so large it leaves little space for anything else. Three quarters of all land has been turned into farm fields, covered by concrete, swallowed up by dam reservoirs or otherwise significantly altered. Two-thirds of the marine environment have also been changed by fish-farms, shipping routes, subsea mines and other projects. Three-quarters of rivers and lakes are used for crop or livestock cultivation. As a result more than 500,000 species have insufficient habitat for long-term survival.

The problems associated with over-prescription of antibiotics and pain killers has been well documented. What is not so well know is that prescription medicines have become the third leading cause of death in the US after cancer and heart disease. Humans have evolved with minimal interventions and it is inconceivable the number of vaccines and medicines been given to children will help their wellbeing in the long run.

After a baby is born in UK, the mother is presented with the “Red book” to keep a record of the baby’s development. It also includes an appointment for your first vaccine at your GP’s surgery. The only side efects mentioned are soreness at site of injection and possible fever. So I do understand why many parents and journalists dont understand why anyone would hesitate to vaccinate, when the worst that might happen, is no worse than catching a cold. However in the US a very litigious society Parents have to sign a consent form called  Vaccine Information Statements (VISs) and if you bother to read them, it states “some children should not get certain vaccines”;

  • Any child who had a life-threatening allergic reaction after getting a vaccine should not get another dose of that vaccine. 
  • A child who has a severe allergy to a substance should not get a vaccine that contains that substance. 
  •  Any medication can cause a severe allergic reaction. 
  • As with any medicine, there is a very remote chance of a vaccine causing a serious injury or death.

I accept lots of children are vaccinated with out problem, but how does one tell which children are at risk. Even if the risk is only one in a million, if thats your only child its 100%,  Bearing in mind the advice is; “some children should not be vaccinated”, how do we identify who they are. The idea that you should not give another dose of a vaccine to a child who has had a life threatening reaction to a vaccine sounds like common sense, however it also suggests that if a vaccine could cause a life threatening reaction it could also kill and to be fair to the Americans at least they warn you of this risk, it is a small risk but is it a risk I would not want to take with my children, knowing the manufactures of the vaccine are not liable for the damage.

Its up to the parent to prove a causal relationship and claim compensation from the government; they will be told, what happened to their child was a coincidence. Even if liability is accepted the maximum payout is £120,000 and the child has to be 60% brain damaged. Any of they parents I have spoken to over the years with vaccine damaged children are not after money, in fact the amount is an insult for the damage it has caused, but it does represent an admission of guilt and these are parents who are angry because they believed in the vaccine programs, were never warned of the risks and they don’t want it to happen to anyone else.

In 2010 Robert Fletcher, was awarded £90,000 after being damaged by the MMR vaccine in 1992, which left him unable to talk, stand unaided or feed himself. He endured frequent epileptic fits and requires round-the-clock care from his parents. He suffered the devastating effects after being given the MMR vaccine when he was 13 months old. The Department of Health had always denied that the jab was the cause of Robert’s disability. The family’s first application for compensation under the Government’s Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme was rejected in 1997 on the grounds that it was impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt what had caused Robert’s illness, they won £90.000mapeal and it took 18 years.

The public is always  told vaccines are “safe”, then a vaccine is replaced by a new one thats “safer” and the public had no idea what the risk was in the first place. Arguably the most controversial vaccine ever is MMR and since the possible link to autism was raised by Andrew Wakfield.  Ideally, the best evidence that we can find about the effects of therapy and putative harmful agents comes from systematic reviews. Individual randomised controlled trials seldom have enough subjects, to detect rare adverse events with precision. Nevertheless, the very people guaranteeing the safety of the vaccine seem to be parroting press releases from the trials to get the Jerry Lynn MMR licensed; In April 2019 a freedom of information revealed the MMR vaccine was licensed and declared safe, using an irresponsibly small and limited group of children,

    • There were only eight clinical trials, that in total had less than 1,000 individuals, out of which only 342 children received the MMR vaccine
    • The safety review period only tracked ‘adverse events’ for 42 days after injection
    • More than half or a significant percent of all participants in each of the eight trials developed gastrointestinal symptoms and upper respiratory infections
    • All adverse events were generically described as ‘other viruses’ and not considered in safety profile of licensure
  • The control group received other vaccines for either rubella or measles and rubella, and none of the controls received a placebo (an inert substance such as a saline injection)

Claims made & Awards
Vaccine Damage Payments
1979 – 2018

The Governments “Vaccine Damage Payment” scheme lists A number of vaccines that could cause damage and states that you could be eligible for compensation. Most vaccines are given before tw0 and if the child dies after a vaccine during this time the parents get nothing, I think any parent would be shocked to hear this.

In January 2019 a Freedom of Information request revealed that since its inception, 6,328 claims have been made in the UK after the Government absolved the pharmaceutical industry of responsibility for vaccine injury.  “The Vaccine Damage Payment Act” was passed after Rosemary Fox’s campaign when her daughter was damaged by the Polio vaccine in 1962. Rosemary begins the book with; “How would you feel? Blessed with a happy healthy baby daughter and overnight she is transformed into one that could never be normal and who suffers permanent mental handicap and convulsions. Then as you sought explanations and challenge the Governments refusal to award compensation, you are told you are damaging the vaccination programme and had to keep quiet” ( Helens Story; by Rosemary Fox: Amazon)

Out of 6,328 claims made, 940 people have been given compensation, totalling £74,590,000 million. £13,690,000 in initial payments and £60,900,000 in top ups. What I find extra ordinary about these figures is that despite the huge increase in the number of vaccines being given in 2019, the vast majority of this money was paid out in the first ten years of the programme; £8,530,000 in initial payments and £56,000,000 in top ups. These awards are made by the Department of Work and Pensions. Query these figures and you would get a press release off the shelf from the pharmaceutical industry, presented by a couple of nodding heads like David Elliman or Helen Bedford  or new kid on the block David Robert Grimes 

They are guaranteed to explain these figures with “vaccines are safer now”, and I would respond with; “but you always say that”. Safe is good enough for the less curious in the Main Stream Media who seem to rely on Press release’s  for their articles on vaccines. Twenty years ago I challenged Elliman on a Radio Four program “You and Yours”. He was insisting the MMR vaccine was safe after Andrew Wakfield raised questions about the MMR vaccine. I did not want to talk about that MMR, I wanted to talk about the “Urabe” strain. The MMR vaccine was introduced in 1988, three brands were used, two made by Merieux and SmithKline Beecham the ‘Urabe’ mumps strain and one, MMR II, made by Merck, Sharp and Dohme, containing the ‘Jeryl Lynn’ strain which was more expensive. After four years use it was apparent the Urabe strain was causing cases of meningitis. But the medical establishment stuck with the narrative that the risks from measles were preferable than not vaccinating.However in 2007 it came out that the government knew that there were concerns about the vaccine when it was introduced in 1988; minutes of a meeting of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, in May 1990, show that there was “special concern” about “reports from Japan of a high level of meningoencephalitis associated with the administration of MMR”. The UK Government waited another two years before it decided to stop using Urabe MMR in 1992, and  a number of children died but we have no details   

In 1988/89 there was a sharp reduction in payouts and only £40,000 was paid out for vaccine damage, in 1989/90 £60,000 and 1990/91 it was £10,000, I ssuspect here was a decision to reduce awards to children damaged by vaccines.   The Independent recently reported how The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) who are responsible for awards, wrongly stripped  more than 4,500 disabled people of their benefits and admitting to £970m of underpayments to people switching to new incapacity benefits between 2011 and 2014. Government officials are given targets to automaticly reject 4 out of five claims; This approach is called “mandatory reconsiderations” and tests the determination of the claimant

In 2018, the government admitted it unlawfully prevented adults from receiving compensation if they developed complications after having a seasonal flu vaccine. For example Ian Cooke developed severe paralysis and spent months in hospital unable to move or swallow after a flu vaccine. he remains severely disabled and only able to walk short distances. He will require transfusions every eight weeks for the rest of his life. This might also explain why there were no awards for vaccine injury after the conservative government started their austerity programs when they came to power in May 2010. No awards in 2011/12, none in 2012/13, none in 2013/14, none in 2014/15 ; There were 3 awards in 2016, 2 in 2017; 2 in 2016/17; 3 in 2017/18 and 1 so far in 2018/19.

If you are wondering about the ethics of the industry manufacturing these vaccines look no further than Smith Kline and Beechan. Who after The Urabe strain was was withdrawn in 1992 had stock to dispose of. In 1997 they sent the vaccines they had left to Salvador in Brazil as part of a foreign aid package, to experiment with a “Mass Vaccination Campaign” on poor children aged between 1 an 11. The study showed at least 87 confirmed cases of Aeseptic Meningitis, claiming the risk was 1 in 14,000 vaccines, which would suggest 1,218,000 vaccines were used in this “mass” program. However the entire population of Salvador is under three million, so many of the vaccines would have been used on poor people from rural areas, who dont have had access to medical care to report cases of Meningitis or death. This is in the conclusion of the study published in The American Journal of Epidemiology in 2000 : “Our experience has demonstrated again that mass immunisation campaigns can provide a unique opportunity to explore possible associations between vaccination and rare adverse events”. You couldn’t make it up, it would be funny if it was not so tragic.

Then you have vaccine trials; What parent would put their children forward for a vaccine trials? Catholic care homes in Ireland were more than willing to provide subjects for a donation. No parents to worry about, all the pharmaceutical industry had to do was make a donation to the Catholic church who were supposed to be looking after these children and you have your subjects to test vaccines on.

Another interesting observation from the award figures is that between 2001 and 2006 there was an increase in claims and awards. Bear in mind also you have to know there is a risk from the vaccine and as 90% of the population do vaccinate their children, I would be amazed if they were aware of the risks, so as its left to parents to make the connection with the vaccine I am certain injuries caused by vaccines are underreported.

In 2000 Sally Clarke was jailed for life for murdering her son Harry. The boy died 3 hours after receiving the DTaP in 1998, but none of her UK medical experts would consider the vaccine as a cause of death. In April 2000 the Clark family found an expert in the US and commission Professor John Menkes, a paediatric neurologist who stated that there was enough evidence to at the very least to create reasonable doubt in the minds of any jury. In August 2001 epidemiologist professor Tom Meade tells the Clarkes that he is prepared to make a full investigation of the DTaP vaccination. August 2002 Tom Meade’s report says “vaccination could have killed Harry”. Meades report stated that in the three years Sally Clarke was in prison there were 35 unexplained infants deaths days after receiving the DTaP vaccine. Sally Clarke was released on appeal and died in 2007 of a broken heart. The Spectaor  in 2007 was the last time I read a half decent article; asking the question if the vaccine killed Harry.

The DTaP vaccine was withdrawn from use soon after Sally Clarkes release. and replaced with a five in one vaccine which did not contain the controversial preservative thimerosal (mercury)? and now a six in one. Was the DTaP vaccine the reason for the spike in claims between 2001 and 2006 while all the attention was on  the “Sadam Husain” of medicine;  Andrew Wakefield who apparently claimed the Jerry Lynn MMR caused Autism.  ??

So having established the word “safe” does not mean without risk and is a statistical interpretation of side efects of a vaccine compared to a placebo vaccine. Often these placebo vaccines have some of the toxic components of the vaccine. For exampel, we are told the Gardasil vaccine is safe because the vaccine did not have more adverse events than the placebo in the safety trial. However 2.8% of the subjects reacted to the placebo. Merck to use a potentially reactive aluminum containing placebo as a control for most trial participants, rather than a non-reactive saline solution placebo. A reactive placebo can artificially increase the appearance of safety of an experimental drug or vaccine in a clinical trial and its fair to say the Pharmaceutical industry is happy to mislead the Medical establishment after all a vaccine against cancer is the “Holy grail” of vaccines, as Robert David Grimes  reveals his plan for a world without disease. I first came across this guy on twitter as he was promoting the HPV vaccine to young boys and warning them penile cancer could result in having the penis amputated, he did not take kindly to my questions and blocked me on twitter 

Then I came across his “conspiracy theory” video and I am wondering if Robert Grimes was on Mars while doing his PhD, so out of touch is he about the reasons for parents turning against vaccines. I was one of the first blogging about it and I wont deny, I like him has a massive ego, however, I am not a part of any campaign or movement or attend meetings or lectures on vaccines. The fact I allowed my daughters to have the MMR to go abroad last summer. Would undermine many of his theories about “antivaxers” like me. He says I dont play by the “rules of science”, and that “anti-vaxxers” dont come from a medical background, this is plainly incorrect as Andrew Wakfield became a consultant in the NHS before he was struck off and I know many medical doctors concerned about the number of unnecessary vaccines being given to children in the UK today.  To be fair to Grimes he may not be aware the rules of “clinical science” as defined by David Sackett in his model of “Evidence-Based Medicine”; which is very different from “physical science” which Grimes did his PhD in. He says we propagate “falsehoods” “not concerned with reality” and have “no logic”. Of course he is entitled to his opinion an it would be wrong of me to judge my own homework, fortunately I can give Grimes the oportunity to show me the light and point out the false hoods and lies on this blog so that I can correct them and I promise not to retreat into my “misguided views” if he helps me and not be ‘Aggressive” to him for “correcting me”.

What really amused me about the conspiracy video was his psychological analysis of antivaxxers, because it was as if he was talking about himself. We had similar educations, his in south Dublin schooling mine in north. However, I rejected the notion that there was a “campaign” by nonbelievers to conspire and bring about the “end of the world”. He speaks like a priest in the confessional to a 13 year old who has just discovered masturbation, who is warned he might go blind if he does not change his ways. I love the insincerity in his voice as he finishes the video  “Talk to Father Grimes, but whatever you do don’t let the arrogance and mendacity of committed “antichrists” undermine the health and well being of your family”

In the US the awards for vaccine injury are bigger and in total are over $2 billion. I suspect one day, there will be an inquiry as more and more people slowly become aware of the risks from vaccines. Just like the contaminated blood scandal; 4,800 people were given contaminated blood by the NHS in the 70s, developing Hepatitis and HIV, they were not informed of the mistake so they infected another 25,000  people. Thousands have died and no compensation has been paid. As the inquiry into the scandal begins we are left to wonder how this happened and why no one in authority said anything.

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Richard Lanigan 57 is the parent of four children, he was awarded a Masters in Health Promotion at Brunell University in 2004 he has practiced chiropractic at his practice Spinal Joint in Kingston Upon Thames since 1996 providing care for thousands of children

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    I am considering leaving the country and homeschooling my children.

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