Why we did not vaccinate our children; black sheep of the human “herd”?


Arguably antibiotics were the greatest medical discovery of the 20th  century and saved millions of lives, unfortunately over prescribing especially for viral conditions like colds, has led to some strains of bacteria mutating and becoming resistant to antibiotics, these bacteria now pose a major threat to public health according to … Continue reading

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Good science, bad science & PR for the pharmaceutical industry

For years scientists have been telling us to stay away from saturated fats, now they say its not fats its sugar  that is dangerous. Probably the biggest “silent killer” is smoking? Yet right up to the mid 50s the cigarette industry used the medical profession on TV to promote the … Continue reading

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Infection and the Immune System

The Victorians put cleanliness next to godliness in their effors to prevent disease

Prevention of infectious diseases is seen universally as beneficial to the health of society. Typhoid fever a contagion whose deadly swirlcould decimate entire districts in weeks, melted away as the putrid water supplies of several cities were cleansed. Tuberculosis the infamous “white plague” of the nineteenth century was vanishing its … Continue reading

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