Why we did not vaccinate our children; black sheep of the human “herd”?


Arguably antibiotics were the greatest medical discovery of the 20th  century and saved millions of lives, unfortunately over prescribing especially for viral conditions like colds, has led to some strains of bacteria mutating and becoming resistant to antibiotics, these bacteria now pose a major threat to public health according to … Continue reading

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There is good science, bad science & PR for the pharmaceutical industry

The scientific approach changed during the second world war. The war demanded something more urgent and goal directed. New weapons needed to be manufactured and new technologies invented to aid soldiers in the battlefield. Physicists had created sonar, radar , chemists had produced chemical weapons etc etc. The undisputed crown … Continue reading

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HPV vaccine Gardasil, prevents genital warts in sexually active children, there is no evidence that it prevents cervical cancer

On Friday June 10, my daughter came home from school very upset. We had not given consent for the Gardasil HPV vaccine that is being administered at the school this week and her friends told her she would get cervical cancer. The view of her 12 year old friends is … Continue reading

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How Infection helps the Immune System

The Victorians put cleanliness next to godliness in their effors to prevent disease

Prevention of infectious diseases is seen universally as beneficial to the health of society. Typhoid fever a contagion whose deadly swirlcould decimate entire districts in weeks, melted away as the putrid water supplies of several cities were cleansed. Tuberculosis the infamous “white plague” of the nineteenth century was vanishing its … Continue reading

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Does the flu vaccine actually work? Pharmaceutical Industry has too much influence on Government health policy.

Do I need a flu vaccine

An interesting article in today’s Daily Mail about the Flu Vaccine, I have taken the meat off the bone so forgive my “Bias”.  The article states; The NHS spends around £100 million a year on the national flu jab campaign, but now a leading expert suggests it’s a waste of … Continue reading

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In 1959 the public are told measles is a “mild infection”, 50 years later despite all the advances in health care, its described as a killer disease in the UK


Today when heath care professional talk of measles, they talk of a “killer disease” they say two people die every thousand cases, this is simply not true . Those who choose not to get the MMR vaccine are, in essence, putting the peoples lives at risk. My sister and I … Continue reading

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Another child in a Million, another vaccine?

If you are researching about vaccines one comment you will often hear is that the the risk from a vaccine is “one in a million”. Its never explained how the reach this figure and how its the same for all vaccines. When Vera Duffy got in touch with the chief … Continue reading

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Flu jab given to millions is ‘almost useless’ – Channel 4 News


The flu vaccine given to millions of Britons turns out to be almost entirely ineffective, with only 3 per cent of cases showing any useful effect. A GP friend told me how she felt embarrassed trying to encourage people to have it as the have Government targets which they have to … Continue reading

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Not sure the Tetanus Vaccine is all its cracked up to be?

This is a good article on Tetanus  by DAVE MIHALOVIC that I have plagiarized As with most vaccines, we have been led to believe that a tetanus shot is a necessity to protect us from a supposedly virulent germ that can lead us to our death. When we carefully consider … Continue reading

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Mother wins only £90,000 payout after 18 years trying to get the government to take responsibility for MMR damage to her son


Jackie Fletcher formed the group JABs to get justice for children damaged by the MMR vaccine after her son suffered severe brain damage after he was given the controversial MMR vaccine as a baby. The Daily Mail reports she has been awarded £90,00  compensation towards her sons care  The judgment is … Continue reading

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